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Friday, April 9, 2010

Interactive with you!

Romeo y Julieta, Habana Reserve: A beautifully constructed cigar with perfect silky habano wrapper and Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, blended to perfection and filling the palet with a full diverse falvors the whole way through. Featured on this weeks Tony Katz Radio Program at:  I would like you my bloggers to pick next weeks Cigar of the Week, lets knock Tony's socks off with our next great selection, looking forward to your comments?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CigaRobbie: Tony Katz Radio Program & WSRQ 1220AM

Tony Katz Radio Program & WSRQ 1220AM

It is a wonderful experience for me to do "The Cigar of the Week" on The Tony Katz Radio Program, I would like to make it very interactive with my blog? Such as: letting you my bloggers even though there are not a lot of you now... But with the cross-over from my facebook and possible new cigar show on WSRQ 1220 AM that is heard throughout Florida we could really grow this thing! Oh anyway, what I was saying, I would like bloggers pick the cigar I rate each week on Tony's show?

Blog in with your favorite cigar that is sold by and I will smoke and rate it for Tony's Show.

Tell me your thoughts? Remember gentlemen we are taking back our lives, and living life on our terms!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Mike, lets just agree to part ways here!"

Feburary in West Palm Beach is Smoke Inn's, Great Smoke Cigar Event. It is a time when most of the people in the industry come out, and support one of the largest retail events. It is relaxed, low key and usally a lot of fun. This years event had a fatal twist for one man in the industry; Mike Chiusano of DomRey Cigars, which produces the Cusano cigar line out of Tabadom SA, a subsidiary of Oettinger Davidoff Group and the very same who just acquired the small Bradenton FL,cigar company for an un-disclosed amount, but some reporting close to ten million dollars.

While Mike and top executives for Davidoff sat in a tent at the quaint Florida event, a disagreement erupted leaving Mike and the Davidoff Group telling each other we should part our seperate ways even though the buy out had Mike staying on as a consultant. The small Bradenton company had reached some success in the industry by producing a mid price cigar and receiving favorable ratings in Cigar Aficionado, and debuting its 151 line which was the companies first Esteli Valley cigar.

Mike Chuisano, could not be reached for comment. And DomRey however acknowledging the un-timely departure of its former creator would not comment. Oettinger Davidoff Group, who recently announced moving their processing facility to St. Petersburg FL, has said they have no plans on shutting down the DomRey offices in Bradenton FL.

Monday, April 5, 2010

CigaRobbie on the Radio!

CigaRobbie rates The Cigar of the Week, on the Tony Katz Radio Program, every Friday night! Check it out 6:45 pm heard on 1340 AM in the Tampa Bay area. or check out All Patriots Radio and the Tony Katz website by clicking on the link below.

  Tony Katz Radio Program