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Best Prices on the web, Cheap Humidors! has been a partner of the CigaRobbie Radio Program since the beginning and CigaRobbie loves to offer you the listener the best deals on the web. Remember to punch in: C-I-G-A-R-O-B-B-i-E in the coupon box for your additional 10% off your already low, low purchase! Listen live to CigaRobbie on WSRQ Radio 1220 AM / 106.9 FM every Saturday and listen for CigaRobbie to offer the fifth purchaser on cheaphumidors get's to co-host the program with CigaRobbie, Single Sammy and Eric!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday 12th, CigaRobbie Radio Show

Congratulations to Russ Fletcher, our winner of co-host the CigaRobbie Radio Program for a day. Russ was the fifth purchase on cheaphumidors and by punching in C-I-G-A-R-O-B-B-I-E into the coupon box for additional 10% off and a chance to win. Listen to the show on WSRQ Radio and listen for your chance to win! Russ maybe a little nervous call in and make him feel at home.

Scottie Hayes, the weekly host on WSRQ Radio of "The Drive at Five Sports Show", will be in studio with CigaRobbie as well. Stay tuned as we combined great current and local sports with the cigar lifestyle.

CigaRobbie and guests will be smoking in studio, CigaRobbie has provided Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky the Original and the man himself will be smoking a Don Pepin My Father Cigar!

The Final Segment will consist of the author of "The Cigar Maker", Mark McGinty written in Mario Puzo style a fictional meets fact, a story of Salvador Ortiz who's struggles through the early 20th century as a cigar maker in Ybor City, kidnappings, assassinations, lynching, bandits, war and revolution his struggle to return back to his Ybor home. And his beloved career! Passion, love and good ole fashion Spanish family drama make this a must read!

Finally CigaRobbie will finish the at Maduro's Cigar & Bar, as he does each week surrounded by great Domincan feel, leather seats and big screen T.V.'s come in and on your first purchase mention CigaRobbie and recieve a complimentary house blend cigar! Come out and have a smoke with CigaRobbie!

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