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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CigaRobbie Offices

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4550 47th Street W. #1731
Bradenton FL 34210

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The CigaRobbie Radio Program; "smoking the Entubar Torpedo!"

Just as we finished the show, I learned with so much activity on the server and people trying to log on to that it crashed. So to celebrate Sammy and I headed down US 41 to Maduro's Cigar & Bar, we were armed with our bottle of Johnny Walker Black as a give away, and the Berger & Argenti Entubar Torpedo. It is a Nicaraguan & Dominican filler & binder, complimented with a USA wrapper... interesting I thought. Also in tote was Richard Fisher the voice of Political Hangover which is on two hours before my show.

I turned Richard onto a mild Gispert Churchill, Sammy and I toasted the foot of this Entubar beast as the advisory foot band suggested. I thought presentation good a beautiful sillky wrapper and with a toated nutty taste was a little more complexed than Sammy suggested. We smoked these odd creatures right to the nub and moved onto other conquest's! The MSRP: $9.50 on the Entubar just as a note: It did smoke light and airy it has a rolled and molded ligero center that creates a flume through the center of this unique wonder.

Guy's right now if you purchase anything from punch C-I-G-A-R-O-B-B-I-E into the coupon box CigaRobbie will send you a gift!