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Friday, May 14, 2010

Working to pimp your sticks!

It is almost 11:00 pm on Friday night the 14th of May, I am working on my fourth CigaRobbie Radio Program which airs tomorrow at 3:00 pm on WSRQ Radio 1220 AM / 106.9 FM or on and afterward there is a concert in the parking lot of the studio can't wait!

Last night me and a couple of my friends who meet every couple of weeks on Thursday nights, sat down and I smoked the Punch Upper-Cut it had been sitting im my humidor for about two months. It is a very mediocre cigar, I was then going to move to a Punch Champion but I decided to call it quits.

Anyway tonight got home from work, and had to get my Brighthouse modem situated here in the new CigaRobbie offices... by the way the new number is 941.405.4008 looking for show sponsors! Anyway after that was done I had to work on my "Cigar of the Week" spot on The Tony Katz Radio Show on so knowing I was going to have Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars on tomorrow what did you think I picked from the selection? That's right, I lit up a Tatuaje Havana VI, which Tony referred to as the "red labeled" cigar? I agreed and we moved on... Guy's I want you to help me out... go to and when you purchase something punch in C-I-G-A-R-O-B-B-I-E into the coupon code for an extra 10% off your purchase.

Tomorrow I will be smoking the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Habana Reserve & a cigar I gave out to guest at my Super Bowl Party this past year in their gift boxes, Casa Fernandez Arsenio 2009 which is a great cigar. Afterward as I wind down after my show at Maduro's Cigar & Bar enjoying my Americano I will smoke something of Pete's.

Great show the hour needs to be pushed to two, I have more guest than I have time: Christine Morgan our lovely lady of stick, then Andre from Toro y Leon Cigars, then Scottie Hayes from the "drive at five" on WSRQ and giving us the Preakness Report! and finally you've asked for it and I give you the man Pete Johnson!

I'm looking for your calls tomorrow, please call into the show on the listener lines 941-373-1220 from 3-4 pm EST lets talk stick!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interview with Pete Johnson

I have Pete Johnson from Tatuaje Cigars coming on the show this week, he was actually scheduled for last week but had to cancel. It worked out cause we had Oscar Sanabria from Cigar Snob and my father who came on and spoke about my first experience with tobacco... it was very funny!

I spoke to Pete over the phone tonight to confirm for this week, sounds like he is very excited to come on and speak about his new vintage line of cigars, and the concept he was telling me about of using the same field or piece of soil on the Garcia farm and produce lot of tobacco year after year for the same cigar! Sounds interesting, and Pete should be a great interview.

Looking forward to all of you calling in and talking stick! Remember its 941-373-1220 and its every Saturday afternoon from 3-4 EST on 1220 AM / 106.9 FM

Looking to be interactive on the show I have my email and face book up throughout the show interacting with you the listener.