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Saturday, May 1, 2010

WSRQ 1220 AM / 106.9 FM Saturday

I'm really excited today it is the second CigaRobbie Radio Program, last week as I was waiting to go and sitting in the green room listening to the show before mine I was getting a little nervous that: I did not have enough material, the guest would not come through, all kinds of stuff raced through my mind. But all-in-all it went well. I finished just about two minutes early, something I will try and correct this week.

I have three guest so it is a packed show, plus I've invited my co-producer of the show Sam Mallikarjunan and my liason from he will sit in as my in studio weekly guest. I think you guys will like him he's a technological prodigy that will amaze you with his marketing capabilities.

I do have my facebook, and email up when I'm in the studio so please feel free to blog, email or post on my facebook it is another way to keep the show interactive with you the listener.

Introducing my newest show sponsor today... Maduro's Cigar & Bar! here in Sarasota located 7386 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota and you can find them on the web: I will leave the studios after every show and wind down with a cigar at Maduro's please come join me and we'll extend cigar talk!

Remember all of you out of the area can listen to the show on and still can call in on listener line 941.373.1220

It's 8:30 AM just finishing blog and trying to finalizing some show stuff! Take care guy's remember; Smoke 'em, if you got 'em!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A typical CigaRobbie Day!

5:30 AM - The Gym, 25 minutes of cardio & leg workout

7:30 AM - WSRQ Studio to shoot the 7-10 minute promo for the CigaRobbie Radio Program with station engineer Steve Huggins, we read through it twice Steve edited it and put it in the rotation on the Don Imus Show commerical spot.

7:45 AM - Driving to work and listening to radio station heard the promo I just taped... pretty cool!

8:15 AM - Arrive at work answer emails, checked facebook and made some calls

12:00 PM - Over to Soprano's for lunch

2:10 PM - Received call from Andre creator of Toro y Leon about booking him for May 8th show, favor for my new sponsor Maduro's Cigar & Bar. I set up a meeting for next Thursday the 6th

2:30 PM - Received call from Michael Dove, the creator of a new website called we talked about trading a banner on his website of the CigaRobbie Radio Program and booking him on the May 8th show, he asked for an interview and feature on front page after the feature on Nick Perdomo... I said yes!

4:00 PM - Leave work for cigar night with my friends, I smoked the Padron Anniversario 1926, 40 year, and the Montecristo, No.7 great cigars, caught up with some old friends Kirk Morey, Danny Barrett, Mark Verducci and Mary Deasey... Good night!

9:00 PM - Back to work wrote the one pager that will appear on WSRQ's advertisement and website.and did some research on Friday's program with Tony Katz and my Saturday show... don't forget to listen Saturday on WSRQ Radio 1220 AM or 106.9 FM or on the web:

Monday, April 26, 2010

What do the "Brick & Mortar's" need to do to compete with online companies?

To my CigaRobbie Crew members, I hope you enjoy the blogs and my new radio show, "The CigaRobbie Radio Program." I really want this show to be about you, the cigar smoker, and the 4.4% of your life that you live on your terms. With this in mind I am constantly trying to find better options for you "Pimp the Sticks" one of my show sponsors is but I do believe nothing beats the true fellowship experience of sitting down at your local tobacconist and learning what other people are doing and smoking.

One of my newest sponsors is a quaint, local Sarasota cigar shop, it’s called Maduro's Cigar & Bar its run by two gentlemen Kim & Adrianne, they have been doing cigar wholesale to golf clubs and hotels for about ten years and decided to progress into a full tobacconist shop with beer, wines and coffee's with deep rich brown leather furniture and art deco meets Soho sheik decor, and every wall with a large plasma television it sets a inviting mood. Oh wait! I forgot one of the most important features Erin, a young, friendly blonde with a cute Australian (?) accent, I don't know but she is knowledgeable and never forgets a face or name.

Of course customer service is essential and most shops give it! I also think you get to touch, feel and purchase right there the smoke you want. They really try hard to earn your business, inviting the reps of the companies to do events and give specials plus most of them parlay food, drinks & giveaways! I every so often see guys walk into these Brick & Mortars and sit down in the furniture provided, pour a complimentary drink provided, use the lighter & cutter provided & sit down and watch the cable television, also provided by the proprietor, but not once go buy a cigar, wrong, wrong, that’s absolutely wrong!

They (Brick & Mortar's) have to charge tax; they don't have those cool sampler packs with some type of J.Peterman Catalog with funny poetic sayings, telling you how they put this awesome deal for you together. But the truth they (Brick & Mortar's) give you the option, or should I say the power to put the sampler pack together yourself, I've watched tobacconist lower prices right at the register because someone said it was cheaper at another retailer. You don't get that with the online companies, and they usually ship in four to nine days depending on the purchase day.

I really don't want to discourage you from buying cigars at the best place you can afford like: Cigar International, JR Cigars and Famous Smoke. But remember about your friend just around the corner who greets you with a smile, works hard to get the smokes you enjoy and calls you his best customer; remember the prices he pays to provide that environment: rent, product charges, utilities, insurance, tax, advertisement cost, and accessories for the customers like matches, cigar bags, lighters, cutter and toiletries! Yes it is an expense. Plus employee benefits, Christmas parties, and well you get the idea it never ends. He does it for you the customer so act like one!

You want established? Here is W. Curtis Drapers the oldest in American:

The one that throw's the best events, Outlaw Cigars:

The one that moves the most cigars, Corona Cigars Orlando:

The best prices, Tampa Humidor:

Maduro's Cigar & Bar Sarasota: