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Friday, June 4, 2010

What to Smoke this Year?

August here in Florida is a time for seeing a light at the end of a tunnel, however we’re not quite there but we can see a better time of things to come. For instance; an end of a long drawn hot sticky miserable summer, training camp in the NFL are winding down and college football ready to kick off. It also is a time in the cigar industry were the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers share a city and display new products and celebrate a coming of a new product year. I’ve assembled a list of companies and what to watch for.

My Father Cigars; Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial, a powerful hearty blend of rich deep tobaccos.

Joya de Nicaraguan; Antano Dark Corojo, a strong deep ligero, they also have a Cabinetta half maduro and half claro; they also have Fuerte series B which is a bundle line product for them.

La Flor Dominica, Air Bender Litto’s Ecuadorian typical full strength Habano!

La Gloria’s Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros, a new conceptual creation from Benji Menendez & Rick Rodriquez it is dual wrapper of the foot and first third being Connecticut shade and the next two thirds being a rich brown Sumatra.

Nestor Miranda’s 1989 another great creations from the Don Pepin Family creating the Rosado & Oscuro.

With some of these great products some other manufacturers by bucking the trend of price point will be releasing some limited editions.

Avo with LE10

CAO, Escaparate Blend # 7

My Father Limited Edition

Tatuaje Monster Series the Face & La Verite

Viaje Skull & Bones Super Secret

With just another great year of cigars in front of us, I get excited when I think of myself in different situations smoking these great cigars with friends, by my pool, in great B & M’s, or in the studio and rating them for you the listener!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Power of Cigars!

It was the Memorial weekend of 2010, represents a couple of things in my life... just two years ago my mother passed away this weekend, I had lost my home, job, vehicle and in that time went through a bankruptcy. At one time things in my life were looking bleak, I had just turned forty years old and to say that my life was not going as to plan, would have been an understatement!

That was May of 2008; we forge ahead to this past Saturday! I am a year away of getting my bachelors degree in business administration after going back to school in January 2009, I started the CigaRobbie Radio Program and have interviewed such guest as: Joey Gannascoli (Vito, from the Soprano's), Alan Rubin from Alec Bradley, and Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars. To say that life has definitely taken a turn for the better in the last year, again is an understatement.

Sometime you have to believe in yourself, I guess at a point in my life I had forgotten that! Sometimes I take a little walk in the evenings, with a nice cigar and it is my time to reflect and think about things or process the events that happen that day, week or year. The other evening as I walked and thought about the show earlier that Sammy and I aired at the WSRQ Studio's, I was smoking the Savinelli R y R Series Y, a great cigar nice sturdy construction, great taste consistent through the cigar I was processing all the previous information I had just told you. I thought about the tough times of my mother’s life at the end, I thought about the call from my bank to let me know my account had been frozen through a judgment against me. I also thought about the note placed on my condo door by the Sheriff Department to let me know I had 24 hours to vacate my dwelling or forfeit my property.

There was a period of my life not one hour of one day went by that something went against me, I learned to be reactive to every problem I faced of every day. To tell you the truth, I can't believe I did not have a heart attack or stroke through that year and a half of my life. Now as I stroll along the tree lined boulevard, smoking my cigar that had been sent to me by the good people of Savinelli to smoke and discuss on my radio program. It was like a wave of freedom had just washed over me... I started to get a little emotional as I sauntered along this Saturday evening, then I could not help it I just pumped my fist in the air, in victory! In victory over depression, in victory over hard times, in victory over standing up in adversity and keeping my eye on the prize. I gathered my thoughts and said I don't know what will come of my tiny cigar radio show... But I do know this, I will only increase with my life and new horizons lay before me, and these lay with happiness, opportunities, and hope!

I once said about a critic of mine in the cigar industry, that I rate cigars, I interview people in the industry, I do everything to promote the cigar lifestyle not for money or wealth, but for the love and remarkable things the sanctity as a man sitting down smoking a cigar can do for your soul. At times it was the only thing that got me by or kept me going. I know the power of what this lifestyle can do and the magic it represents to people! I just want to get good quality information to you the listener!